[Suggestion] Concerning new F-Droid forum user certificates


I joined this forum just a few days ago. Very impressed with its functionality: kudos to the devs!

It seems to me from my short time here that one of the problems faced by F-Droid is the lack of awareness of it. I think you need to take every opportunity to put the name out.

With this in mind, I have a suggestion. The certificate ‘awarded’ upon completion of the new user tutorial is a nice touch.

… but it lacks two important features:

(I’m planning to write a blog post about F-Droid, and that certificate will feature on it. The image itself will naturally be a link back to this forum, but I think that the certificate itself should contain both these elements to promote brand awareness.)

So look, f-droid is one of like a gazillion sites using Discourse forum software. You can collect those certificates by the dozens if you have the spare time. Also, you can upload screenshots to this forum directly, instead of sending viewers to yet another “free” site like monosnap… but maybe that’s in the Advanced tutorial, IDK. Sigh. Glad you like it. Just curious, do you like Facebook too? :face_vomiting:

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Hi, justsomeguy, nice to meet you!

I’m new to this forum – didn’t know it was possible to upload images directly here. Please accept my apologies for my newbishness. As pointed out earlier in this thread, I’m not new to computing, nor to forum software. One thing I’m well aware of, though, is the immense variety of software solutions available around the planet, so it’s no surprise to me that I’ve ever encountered this ‘Discourse forum software’ of which you speak.

Faecesbook? It sucks. Just say ‘no’. https://pendantry.wordpress.com/2018/03/21/the-litany-against-fb/

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