Strange changes

I have finally upgraded my phone from CyanogenMod 13 to LineageOS 14. I have downloaded the latest f-droid apk as given by the welcome page. Than I noticed there is an upgrade. So I upgraded. The interface is quite different. Yet, this is not the problem. About a third of the apps I use are not there. Like barcode scaner. The phone is the same.

I have downgraded f-droid to 102. Some of the apps I want are not there.

To make things even weirder, I have done the same upgrade on an identical phone some weeks ago. f-droid 102 does show all the apps, but on that other phone.

What could cause the missing / hidden apps? I have even enabled the archive.

I think it is probably related to the archive catching up with the big move of apps.

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I guess that is it. Ringdroid is already back. And Barcode Scaner is way too old and I have the latest from GitHub.