Statistics: Apps with summary/description by language at

Can someone explain how F-Droid app itself avoids having a non-free network services tag, given the many thousands of links to non-free github and gitlab it gives users to tap?

As you said, only links, basically text.

The app does not depend on nonfreenet services.

“promote or depend entirely on a Non-Free network service”

Certainly promotes. 95-99% is close enough to entirely depends.

F-Droid would essentially not have apps to install if it were not for the sources on non-free network services.

Promotes and depends. QED.

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In fact, tagging bascially all app as NonFreeNet does not help. Everyone will just ignore that tag since it’s everywhere.

F-Droid and app devs provide the apk and their source code. Without GitHub you can still use the app and build it from source. It’s not a function of the app to contact the dev and report a bug. A music player or a messager does not rely on reither the source code hosting platform nor the issue tracker to work. As GPL said:

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

The support from the dev is not part of the app. The dev can provide support on GitHub, GMail or Twitter, which does not hurt your freedom to use/learn/share/modify/distribute the app.


tagging bascially all app as NonFreeNet does not help. Everyone will just ignore that tag

I agree it is a possibility. OTOH, it is an honest reminder of the truth.

Maybe a new tag like NonFreeDevelopment is better.

Similar tags like NonFreeDonation, NonFreeWebsite, and NonFreeEmail could also be used, as fits each app, where applicable.

Users would be free to Un/Check them in “Include anti-feature apps” in F-Droid app settings. It would help us add to this list, or eliminate the need for it: Known F/LOSS Development of F-Droid Apps

Maybe positive tags are even better: FreeDevelopment, FreeDonation, FreeWebsite, FreeEmail. Anti-feature filter could change to feature and anti-feature filter.

The dev can provide support on GitHub, GMail or Twitter, which does not hurt your freedom to use/learn/share/modify/distribute the app.

Using Github or Twitter, or sending email to Gmail DOES hurt me, as much as being forced to use non-free Zoom to participate in some activity I otherwise wish to hurts me. My choice is to participate using systems I do not want to use, or to not participate. IMO, this is a hurtful choice.

In F-Droid app, Links section for every app, the list does not warn me or show me what kind of site I will go to when I click on links to get more info’. “Source Code” does not link to the F-Droid source tarball; it links to the development site. Sure, I can get the tarball from F-Droid website, but the F-Droid app encourages me to click links to non-free sites, and use those sites. It hurts every time it is a non-free site.

IMO, by having SO MANY such links to non-free sites, without warnings, F-Droid app promotes Non-Free services.

Because nearly all apps in F-Droid are developed or distributed from non-free systems, F-Droid app is nearly entirely dependent on Non-Free services.

It is only fair to hold F-Droid app to at least as high a standard as for other apps, and tag at least F-Droid app honestly.

There are t0o many facts that we can’t remind. Should we add a tag for apps targeting nonfree architecture (all)? Or apps built with nonfree SDK and NDK (basically all)? Nonfree source code hosting platform for one of the deps (all)?

Without that choice, you can still use/learn/share/modify/distribute the app freely. It’s not part of the software. It’s not the perpose of the software. By no means the app relys on the author’s email. Does r/linux make Linux less free?

We don’t regard the links to nonfree service as NonFreeNet. Feel free to add your point in The term "nonfree network service" is not coherent (#553) · Issues · F-Droid / Data · GitLab.


Feel free to add your point in [Gitlab]

Two+ F-Droid developers promote participating at non-free Gitlab network services. Conclusion: F-Droid has callous disregard for its stated values, and its users.

PS. Login to forum with Github option just makes it more obvious.

Very cool statistics, thanks!
Now, I would like to find out whih apps there are in a certain lanuage - how do I do that?

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This is only about the metadata. F-Droid doesn’t know which languages are available in the app.

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You can use the directory tree in order to see which apps have metadata in a certain language. Fork fdroiddata, and use something like ls -d metadata/*/cy/ for Welsh.

Apps are supposed to keep their metadata in the fastlane directory of their repository.
And an app might be available in a language, but not have their fastlane translated.

I used the index-v1.jar file and created scripts.

With these, you can get the apps which support the languages.

$ python3 cy
Looking for language: cy
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The “java library to load the f-droid app catalog “index-v1.jar” into a local database” is available at GitHub - k3b/F-Droid-Universal-Catalog: Platform independant FDroid engine with Android and Spring-Boot implementation .

for details see Home · k3b/F-Droid-Universal-Catalog Wiki · GitHub