Separate (non-free) Firefox repo



Thank you for merging.

I know, this is O.K. and this is not what I am trying to address.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Disable all repositories, except the “Firefox F-Droid (unofficial)” one.
    This measure is only to exclude any other repositories from interfering with this test (i.e. it also happens exactly the same way, when other repositories are enabled).
  2. Refresh repositories manually by hitting the “:arrows_clockwise:” button: The F-Droid client app emits a notification “Saving application details”, which is expected (once a day).
  3. Hit the “:arrows_clockwise:” button again: The F-Droid client app emits the notification “Saving application details” another time; well, maybe the daily repo update just ran, so this could be correct.
  4. Hit the “:arrows_clockwise:” button a third time: The F-Droid client app emits another notification “Saving application details”; now, this cannot be caused by the daily repo update!
  5. One can hit the “:arrows_clockwise:” button a fourth, fifth and so on time: The F-Droid client app always emits another notification “Saving application details”; this is the issue I am trying to address.

When carrying out the same test sequence with any other well working F-Droid repository (e.g. F-Droid, F-Droid Archive, Guardian Project Official Releases, Guardian Project Archive, but also third party repositories as microG F-Droid Repo, I2P F-Droid Repo or Öffi - Public Transport Buddy) this does not happen, i.e. the F-Droid client app does not always emit the “Saving application details” notification and does not take a long time to do so.


Note that the time the F-Droid client app takes to perform “Saving application details” has been drastically reduced in recent releases of it, especially when using the new (v1) index format. But unfortunately:

  • The Öffi repo does not offer an index file in the new format, so I am stuck at the old one.
  • On my “production” phone I am stuck at the F-Droid client release 0.102 (for technical / maintenance reasons), which takes ages to perform “Saving application details”.
  • Technically the issue is present with any release of the F-Droid client app, i.e. the Unofficial Firefox F-Droid repo is the only repository always triggering a “Saving application details”.


@rfc2822 Any way you can add Firefox Nightly to the repo? I’ve looked but it doesn’t look like Mozilla offers a “bouncer” URL like the ones you used for Release/Beta (I opened a bug so maybe they will add it) so you might have to implement it slightly differently.

Instead the only URL for Nightly is something like this which has the version number in it. You can pull the version code from the JSON here.


Please just send a merge request :slight_smile: If you add nightlies, I guess the repo archive policy and how long the APK is kept in the APK directory should be checked, too.


I don’t know anything about GitLab CI so the most I could do is add the current URL, have 0 ideas on how to implement the version tracking or the other stuff you mentioned.


I have just added Firefox Focus/Klar to the repo :slight_smile:


I just noticed that my f-droid client says about the unofficial Firefox repo:
"This paket source has never been used…W
And indeed, all pages under lead to a 404 error,
however, I still have Firefox 58.0.2 in my list of available apps, so the change must have been a recent one.


Repo seems to work here (just updated FF Klar) and is no 404…


Weird, it works now here as well. Sorry for the noise.


“Add this URL to F-Droid:

But that doesnt work.
It only works if i enter “” in F-Droid. Enter the fingerprint in the optional fingerprint field, works.


@rfc2822 Are you following

If not, maybe chime in. That’s being led by the official Ff Android lead @ Mozilla, so maybe you won’t have to host this yourself anymore.

Until then, I do get updates, but the repo still seems to have some structural issues, e.g., I don’t see any versions under any of the Ff apps (indeed, when I try to do so, F-Droid crashes!) & also receive same error as @spaetz above.


Hi, now Firefox Beta has the same issue as Firefox previously. It shows as ‘update available’ every week, despite being the same version. Not sure how to solve that problem or I would propose a merge request.


Did you go and checked everytime in Settings -> About -> About? It’s 60.x.x ? They get updated pretty often…

Also, be sure to clean cache (NOT data) for F-Droid and refresh the repos, so you avoid issue #1311


Hi, unfortunately not that easy. Ii is exactly the same version every week (cf screenshot)


Read my post again…Settings…About (Mozilla Firefox)…About…in the actual app…not F-Droid…you’ll see 61.0b10…then b12…and so on…betas…

Also, in Firefox Beta, go to this site: about:support and look at version ID, something 2018xxxxxxxx see that this changes too.

Anyway, why would anyone bother to publish the exactly same version every week?


You were right. It seems these were really different Betas, which was just not visible when one looked at the version numbers in fdroid. Case solved, thanks :smiley:.


@rfc2822 it seems your repo is down. May you please have a look at it.


Should work again!


Thank you very much!


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