REVAMP: "Latest" and "Updated Apps" sections on website

As part of the landing page revamp I’ll also be creating a new version of the “Last Updated” and “Latest Apps” sections.

Changes I propose:

  1. They will be renamed “Updated apps” and “New apps”. These are clearer to understand.
  2. No apps can appear on both lists. It just looks awful. An app will either be considered New or Updated. An app will only be listable as “new” if (EDIT/CUT: see even better/simpler algorithm below)
  3. New apps will not require a “What’s New” database entry, as they currently do.
  4. All apps will be tested for publishable_to_web_widget()? Some anti-features will preclude apps from being considered “publishable”. Those anti-features may include, “Weak security signature” or “Known security vulnerability”. For updated apps, the “What’s New” entry will continue to be necessary.

Any additional points before I move forward with this?

I intend to update the old widget to use this new algorithm, as well as introduce a completely new widget, for the landing page revamp.


Even better…

If time between newest version and oldest version of the app is greater than 1 week (or one month?)…

  • It’s “listable_in_updated_section”…

… so after we order packages by their “date added”…

If app is “publishable_to_web_widget” and not “listable_in_updated_section”…

  • it’ll appear in the “New apps” section.
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For those who are interested, here’s the branch/commit with the change,

EDIT: Having thought about the fact that F-Droid has so many great apps already, and is 10 years old, I decided to increase the threshold for an app to be considered ‘New/Latest’ to about three months (rather than the 3 weeks set previously).

EDIT: As mentioned in the commit, after an app is added to F-Droid for the first time, it can be updated as many times as needed and only appear in the “Latest (or New) Apps” section. When it is updated after three months it will appear in the ‘Updated Apps’ list.

The jekyll-fdroid branch solves:

I decided against (for now):

  • implementing de-listing for anti-features.

(Aside: I’ve been trying to create Merge Requests in Gitlab but they seem to have disabled my API Access Token (and their login is GooGated). Gitlab don’t seem to care about the problem - reported three days ago and no reply.)

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@hans Edited the above post which may be of interest :slight_smile: . Please tell if anything can be easily improved.

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