Reducing spam on the forum?

Nothing of that sorts. These bots would be used to kick in every now and then. Aome prankster or a professional idiot who ideally has no work or maybe is testing out a new code is blithering here. Trust me it will not stop that easy.

Considering the running themes in the spam, filtering posts by new users using “profile” and “privacy” so they must be manually approved would probably work from a user perspective, but that’s just making it less outwardly obvious.

A minimum character limit of, say, 5 characters in the post itself would probably trip up the profile ones, though.

Should we put a limit on accounts per ip address?

@Licaon_Kter can’t we close registration for some days, or have any specific setup requirement? The spam has increased a lot. Though looking at the timing, it seems the spam is coming from Asian locations.

I am not a informatics specialist but i was thinking an user change his IP each time he switch on/switch off his modem, so I’m not sure putting a limit on accounts per IP address will help so much. And maybe, it can create bugs if some members have the same provider.

A system for blocking or limiting by individual IP address is used by a lot of sites, even if that wouldn’t stop manual spam. Blocking or limiting “Asian” IP addresses blanketedly, though, is way overboard imo. It punishes all users in Asia for the actions of a few and isn’t hard to work around. Both of these require manual checks to to prevent false positives.

Considering the volume of new posts a day, I have to wonder if it’s worth the hours to develop and maintain automated checks at this time compared to human moderators evaluating reports from users.

Might well be preferable to simply recruit one or two spam reporters with a proven history and give them low-level moderation privileges!

Wouldn’t the easiest and most foolproof method be to hold back the first message a newly created user makes. When it has been approved it would show up. Thereafter the new user could post normally.

Bad news, i saw this:
heu… no! I don’t give the link (easy to find anyway)
(or only to a administrator by MP)
they sell a solution for breaking captcha by humans workers for a little price.

Well this could be a solution, but this would not reduce the volunteer moderation work…

FYI we’re working on it :slight_smile:


Great, if you need any help don’t hesitate to ask!
And the most important, take your time, as everyone is a volunteer here it should not become a burden :heart:

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We’ve set some settings hope it fixes it for a while :slight_smile:


Yeah definitely seeing a change mate. Hope it sticks. :wink:

I prefer asking:
I see the forum give me the right to modify a french message witch i have flag as “inappropriate off-topic” (the message seems to be aggressive and lacking of sense. The profile was already suspected to be a bot, with sentences grammatically strange).

Is it a bug or i have really some moderator’s right?

The orange pencil icon displayed is probably not to edit the message, but to view the edit of the message. When you click on this pencil icon it will show the new edited version of the message versus the original message.

no it’s not that.
it’s a grey pencil with paper and the word “modifier”

Share a snap with an admin, maybe @Licaon_Kter.
Probably a misconfiguaration while trying to get away those spam bots.

I’ve seen your report, but marked it as “ok not spam”.

You can create a separate branch, where the topic will be off-topic. Or, when registering, ask initially leading questions so that the spammer cannot register.

Ok, as you consider.
I’ve already explain my opinion.