Questions about Fdroid servers staying up (costs, and if it's a struggle or if it's easier then most would think keeping it online)

I do know there are different repositories and such, I’m mainly talking about the main F-droid repositories.

How much does it actually cost for hosting all the apps and app screenshots and app descriptions and all that.

How do you try to reduce cost (like caching and stuff to save bandwith usage.)

If you were to recieve donations, or were in need of them how much would you at the minimin ask every person for (kind like how sometimes wikipedia will say if everyone reading this would pay a certion amount.)

I bring this up because if we ar emore transparent about the actual costs then people will know how much you might actually need and be more willing to make a donation to help fund it.
Rather then just funding and not knowing if it’s already paid or atleast the goal amount.


I think you have information about this here:

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Also there are a ton of mirrors:

and the recently added Cloudflare one:

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It seems I was able to find how much is donated and also their ballence from some of the links above but not how much the servers cost.

I did find a page labeled expensives but I can’t really tell if it is actual server costs or just users making payments.

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Iirc at least one of the servers cost $1000 usd. We have at least 3 servers

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