Personal F-droid Repository

Hi! I want to build a personal fdroid repo for me and add it in my fdroid. I am not sure how to do it. What’s actually the repo structure should be like?

So, how to create my own personal F-droid repository?


Please see the documentation, starting from

Too much pain. I just want something which would work fine for any apk file I drop. How do I avoid signing keys.

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Very simple. Go on fdroid and download every app you find into a folder regardless if you need it or not. Then change to that directory and add
git’ add .

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I couldn’t have said it better myself. I just hope he follows that instruction to the “t” and doesn’t forget the period char as the final param to the git add.

PS. Ecxod, I joined the forums here about 2 min ago. I’m hoping this won’t be the typical conversation I find here… especially if there’s people genuinely taking the time to (at least initially) help others. I got a chuckle from your response so I felt the need to introduce myself.

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That’s nice. Laughter is healthy.
I was almost thrown out of here yesterday. I can’t tell you why because otherwise they’ll get serious and really throw me out.
But otherwise if you do not contradict anyone from the moderators, tight left and green, then you may answer here for a long time such questions :))
Such as here :)) Help please problem

Are you the type of people that wastes their time for the sake of wasting others.
Very helpful reply. You ruined the conversation.

Without knowledge or experience of how to help people. I will recommend you to stop trying if possible. Growing up is a process that humans continue throughout their entire life. Not a certain portion only.

A conversation is never ruined.
I am a old boy. If you hit my face or give names to me, i’ll do the same to you, but the conversation goes on :wink:

You may want to look into Repomaker then. It does need a maintainer though:

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