Paid features in opensource apps


(It won’t let me post this without a full scentence)

Actually I understand and (at least partially) agree. Sorry about that.

For example netguard requires paying for unlocking “PRO Features”. it is marked in description but pro features can be confused as advanced features instead of paid features

My Suggestions:

  • add a anti feature called “In App Purchases” (or)
  • small text near to install button (like in google play) saying “contains in app purchases”

Did you read Paid features in opensource apps from the top yet?

I read it now

All of the FOSS apps that have payload features will be breaked, we can do that… Ok?

Of course, quotes from above…


That is easy. BTW 4 apps have already been reworked by this criteria…greetings!

Which 4 apps do you mean?