Orbot with Netguard

https://f-droid.org/en/packages/protect.videoeditor/ works fine

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Perfect, I think I saw it in the search results on fdroid but didn’t realize it can serve my goal.

What browser u use? I have this problem with Privacy Browser, but don’t with vanadium or TOR browser.

Edit: for Privacy Browser to fix the WebRTC leak also have to toggle proxy setting to tor. Fixes the issue instantly. The ongoing notification “connecting to orbot” still persists, even though orbot is running, to remove it just click anywhere else on screen, notification closes and it might look like there is no effect. But according to WebRTC IP leak fix, I assume then Privacy Browser is being routed throuh TOR correctly.

Yes, this does not imply that it is exempt from certain attacks to mislead the user or to circumvent.
Using proxies always involves an additional risk.

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