Non-standard development tools



I had to create another merge request (3727) because the app failed to build after being merged before. It turned out that PyCrypto was not found by the build script, so I added that as a srclib. I hope there are no other build dependencies that I have missed! Maybe I should be running fdroid build in a clean chroot to test for this kind of problem?


You can use makebuildserver to create a VM similar to what we use to build the apps.
Then you can run fdroid build --server to build the app inside this VM (but it is much slower than a local build).


Thanks. I’ll try the workaround you suggested in the merge request and update the patch.


I think it should work now. I’m a bit worried that the icon generation might work incorrectly, so that is something I might have to fix later.


Yay, it landed! :grinning: Thanks for all your help, @Rudloff and @Licaon_Kter.

Oh, the icons. :open_mouth:

I guess I’ll have something to do tomorrow. :wink: