New F-droid client

Aurora Droid is under No license but Yalp is under GPLv2 !

From what I understand Aurora Droid is MIT.
While Aurora Store is GPL
license will be GPL v3

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Just keep in mind it is a first release beta. It still needs a lot of work.

Source for this? The repo with the code doesn’t contain any LICENSE file nor other explicit license assignment. So it’s proprietary for now.

Directly from Rahul in the telegram group. Once he actually has a nonbeta release it will be GPLv3.

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In the source of Gitlab (see my url above), under the name of the project (ADroid), it’s written " No license. All rights reserved

The license can’t change, it has to be GPLv2.

Sure it can. You can create proprietary software and later change to a free copyleft license if you are the copyright holder. Just not the other way around.


Happy to see more decentralization in F-Droid! That means we have a thriving ecosystem :slight_smile: I always like to try to share work whenever possible, so perhaps there are somethings we can share between AuroraDroid, G-Droid and F-Droid. For example, the index parsing code in F-Droid could be bundled as a library and used across projects. Or I’ve heard that G-Droid is using the Room library for the database layer, I’d love to switch F-Droid client to Room.


Well, if you are the copyright holder, then you can re-license your code in whichever way you want. You can turn proprietary a permissive free software app (Apache- or MIT-licensed) without issues.

But with free software with the copyleft/reciprocity clause (GPL), you don’t exclusively hold the copyright if someone contributed. It’s still possible, but harder.

You can, however, remove what others contributed and then go proprietary. But that’s probably not the case (I didn’t checked).


Question:why was here so many clients (m-droid,g-droid,aurora droid, f-droid) for fdroid repo?
Answer: Because current official Fdroid client experience is nightmare for most of users and they are always eager to find alternative to F-droid client app!

We are not too late.
let us Make F-droid client great again!!


@shubhamtyagi Yes and no, one valid answer is as well “because it’s possible”, see the Aptoide and Google trials, see that Huawei and Samsung and all others have their own separate stores…


What is clear to me is that the best UX for one person is bad for another. There will never be one UX that will make everyone happy. That’s why we have software freedom: so people can make the software that works best for them. For those of us involved in the UX design of the current fdroidclient, we wanted to make sure that F-Droid was accessible to as many people as possible, and any specific goal like that will mean compromising on other aspects. For anyone interested in seeing those discussions, they are all in gitlab:


Once it’s GPL you can only go to GPL3. BUT all the code has to be compliant with the new license.
The new developer can sell the product but can’t break the rules of GPL.

The code is no more available here ( => so he breaks the rules :snake:

As the copyright holder, he has the right to relicense however he wants. Choosing to release your code under the GPL does not strip the author of their original rights, it grants others the right to redistribute.

The situation becomes different if there is more than one copyright holder, in which case all parties must agree before the license can be modified. That occurs if the project takes existing code (from a different copyright holder), or the project accepts contributions without requiring a copyright assignment (CLA).

…IANAL, but this is my understanding of how this works. It is the power of the copyright that gives a license its teeth.

So who are the rights holders in this case? Is it only whyorean and his own code? If so I don’t see a problem.


It was a matter of time, after all.

Somehow the “Material guidelines” blabber looks just like a mantra for “like Play store”

I am unamused :roll_eyes:



I really hope these new clients do the minimal security and at least check the signatures on the index. G-Droid did not do that for a while, I think it finally does now, but I haven’t checked it.

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