My app flagged with "Antifeature". Why?

I discovered today that my application (com.arnaud.metronome) has been flagged. My understanding so far is that I provided my app with raw sounds (in the res/ directory) and that f-droid have flagged those as binary assets.

Those raw sounds are very short .wav files that had their header removed and their endianess inverted (in order to be directly fed to an AudioTrack instance, for effectiveness).
Those resources are only loaded in and then used in

Does this app really deserve the “Antifeature” flag? Is there any human review?


The same

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Sorry, it was a bug caused by me

The fix is waiting to be merged and deployed.

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Thank you all for your answers.

As I am working on the next release, I was worried about having this flag.

Pull to update, it’s already fixed

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