#MozillaLifeBoat / less strict repository

Personally I feel like the arguments about free software purity is silly. F-Droid need not be tangled in that mess; we should be like Debian and remain as we are; we make it easy enough for the END USER to ASSESS THEIR STATUS and DECIDE on HOW PURE they want their FOSS repositories to be.

Maybe if we could properly explain the options and viewpoints neutrally; we might consider sticking in a few settings with specific repository lists for each general viewpoint.

I suppose we could give options that are well explained with repo names like “Non-Free Code”, “Anti-Features”, “Standard”, “Strict”, “Stallman” and “Copyleft”; and let “Standard” be something of a compromise in the purity debate.


Happy to help someone get setup to run any of these repo ideas. If it is a smaller repo, it can be hosted on GitLab (~10GB max) or GitHub (~1GB max). For larger repos, it can be run on a cloud fileservice like Amazon S3 or anything compatible with that API. It could also be run on a 3€/month VM from any provider like Hetzner, OVH, etc.

Also, it can be managed with Playmaker, Repomaker, or the fdroidserver command line tools.

@hans is there any documentation specifically regarding setting up F-Droid repo in GitLab/GitHub?

Basically you need to be able to push to the repo, so see the
GitHub/GitLab docs for that. The GitLab repo should have “Pages” and
Pipelines" enabled. GitHub Pages doesn’t work IIRC, but the direct
“raw” access to the files does.

There is the fdroid nightly docs which are related, but more
complicated that this setup needs to be.

so we need a repo with pipeline and Pages so that we can trigger the pipeline to pull an app repo and build it and then the Pages part works as web page for that repo?

The build and publish process is still a bit unclear to me so this is tough for me to grasp but I think if anyone has done it then a clear documentation would help a lot of new devs to get started.

just configure pushing to github and it’ll work

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