Mozilla and Facebook (Meta) working together

To form a “privacy friendly” advertising system.

I assume that this would not affect F-Droid’s builds, since it works through its telemetry?

Personally, this has really made me think about switching to Chromium after 15 years of using Firefox…


Their description sounds like “FLoC”, something that Google does not pursue any more as they switch to “Topic”

But FacebookMeta supports open source:

The jury is still out on whether react-native is a good thing…

@vdbhb59 at this point you need to start citing sources if you want to keep calling things bad.

Your own “FLOSS” ROM wasn’t even FOSS, was just modded Samsung images.
Your HOSTS file you distribute has numerous license violations. Mixing GPL, non-commercial, and non-redistributable lists into an MIT licensed list.

I am a bit disappointed with the direction this has taken.
I feel this is an issue that should be discussed if this is affecting Fennec F-Droid or Mull.
I think I’m not the only one who would like to know more about this issue, if it really is privacy friendly, if anyone can provide more info I would be very grateful.

I’m not sure if this has a sarcastic tone, but either way I don’t see the point of it.

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I deleted my comment above as surely I cannot cite that. I apologies as well if I caused any disruption here.


Trust me it is not. My spouse and 6 inlaws work on reactive js and native as well. 2 are in fb, 1 in microsoft and 1 in foogle. I have seen what they do with that code level. It is bad, very very bad.

Argument from pseudo- or unknown authority is not useful around here.

Some sarcasm, some fact. There are always many facets to consider.

Yup, I removed my citation. Can you remove that from your quote please?


Yup, I removed my citation. Can you remove that from your quote please?

Ima follow your lead here:

Lol. But I stand on my ground. I care less. This is just some world.
BTW, if you wanted to follow my lead, you should not have quoted me in the first place, or replied to me.
Again, Peace.

You investigate and tell us :slight_smile:

Facebook has a lot of open source libs, that you might use in other product (eg. zstd compression or react-native)

I am using neither Facebook (Meta) products nor Firefox.

Sorry for asking about WhatsApp’s Github repositories in the deleted reply before. I forget that they only contain for business API and stickers.

But still we have no clue how Facebook violates its users’ privacy. I don’t think the source of those are opened.

They violate when you agree with the terms of their apps, that you install and use.

eg. WhatsApp and the domestication of users - Seirdy

Do you mean that they are able to do so as soon as we accept the privacy policy?

Ideally yes. It is literally the same with all such stuffs.

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On app start lol

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