MicroG Flashable Zips Available

I created flashable zip files for the MicroG GMS Core Project for Android / LineageOS. I also included the F-Droid client. Details and download: https://github.com/alterechtschreibung/MicroGFlashableZip

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Since you’re doing flashable ZIP files with F-Droid, you should include the F-Droid Privileged Extension:

I would. Are you sure this extension is compatible with Android 7+?

Definitely, it ships embedded in CopperheadOS, which is only Android 7.1


I have installed the zip, worked like a charm, thanks for the good work!

One thing that does not work properly is that flightradar24 (v. 7.0.4. from aptoide) does not get the location. can you have a look whether it works for you?

When I click on the locate button, I get the following error message: “Unable to get your location, please check your location settings and try again”. Other apps get the location just fine, all the backends are configured as well.

Does this happen to you also?

I have also created a flashable ZIP for microG installation.

I would like to get some reports of what doesn’t work and what can be improved if possible.