Many old, unmaintained apps have been archived

I have an app on F-Droid that is affected by this issue and thus moved to the archive ( Could somebody please explain in detail the steps I need to take to trigger a new build for this so it moves back to main?

What if the build fails (which I deem very likely for a 3 year old app)? Will the old APK still be available in the archive? If not, is there any way to check in advance whether the app still builds?

The old APK is available in the archive. Check the old merge requests for how people have been doing this:

Thank you. I am aware that the old version is still in the archive. My question was, if I trigger a rebuild and that fails, will the old APK stay available in the archive or will it be removed?

I browsed the first three pages of merge requests but didn’t find one that was obviously aimed at just triggering a rebuild. Do you have a specific example?

If you disable a build, it will be deleted, whether it is in the main
repo or the archive.

Okay, so there is basically no safe way for me to get this back into the main repo. I’ll just leave it in the archive then.

I just tested the build, it still works. So I’ll disable the app and try to remember to renable it again. Please poke me if I don’t get around to it.

Is there any chance do get mathdroid - a really nice calculator app - reactivated? This app has the issue described here. (Unfortunately I dont understand anything about certificates and encryption, it is a very complicated topic to me.)

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