List of all F-Droid clients

We would like to check whether our app was installed via any kind of F-Droid client or just by downloading the APK from our website. For this reason, we need a list of all F-Droid clients. So far, I have found:

  • Aurora Droid (com.aurora.adroid)
  • Foxy Droid (nya.kitsunyan.foxydroid)
  • F-Droid (org.fdroid.fdroid)
  • F-Droid Classic (eu.bubu1.fdroidclassic)
  • G-Droid (org.gdroid.gdroid)
  • M-Droid (com.mdroid)

Are there more clients?


There’s also APK downloads from f-droid site.

This list may be helpful too:

According to my app listings: F-Droid Clients – yes, that seem to be all.


There is another fork of the Foxy Droid, called FOSS Store.

I don’t know what’s supposed to be different there, except that it’s green instead of blue.

1 Like : This is an android app-store that can also use some f-droid repositories through an adapter. See for supported repositories

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With SkyDroid, however, all the F-Droid package sources cannot simply be added.

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