Known F/LOSS Development of F-Droid Apps

CI’s, bigger repo, bigger resource needs.

CI’s, bigger repo, bigger resource needs.
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“Who is helped with these halfassed answers?”

If that’s all you have, just don’t. It’s OK to leave posts unanswered IMO.

Each word carries thousands of hours of use, of scripts making, of tweaks, of ideas. Again, do treat each of my answer as an attack, it will lead to a good place.

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Your jumping on every post of mine with insults and BS is to the level of harassment now. Do stop.

I think F-Droid Client doesn’t need that much CI time, but especially F-Droid Data does. Hosting this would probably cost a lot and take a lot of time to maintain.

As seen in this growing list, dozens or hundreds of apps are independently developed on F/LOSS network systems, by developers with limited resources. F-Droid has enough resources to pay some of their developers, and gets deals and support from CI runners, cloudflare, etc. But does not have the resources to set a good example by using F/LOSS net services, with just F-Droid app, or more?

Any chance of getting this added to this thread:

Images (screenshots) SHOULD require “click for More”, and should not be downloaded until then.

Glad to see “F-Droid Classic” has this more sensible approach as an option! And is developed on FOSS net service!!

We are looking into maybe migrating to Salsa actually, which is a Debian-hosted GitLab Community Edition. See Apply for the GitLab Open Source Program (#223) · Issues · F-Droid / admin · GitLab

Moving only one part of F-Droid would really complicate group membership and access rights and stuff and increase maintenance burden, so that sounds pretty awful. I’d personally rather see us move completely or not at all.


With the couple issues linked by you and LK, it looks like F-Droid is being pushed along by whims of others (slowly), more than being proactive. It’s good to see a little inclusion of values in the discussion; would be better to see that be the driver.

All or nothing

Perfect is the enemy of good enough, they say. One step, in the right direction, is a good start.

All your posts here are the same: whataboutism, whishful thinking and ignoring the feedback you receive from relevant project members. Or even worst: ignoring most of those to focus on specific bits and squeeze your rethoric of purism and self-supremacy.

Please do something useful for any part of any free software project (documentation, online help, technical reviews, code…) and stop whinning.

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sets a pretty good example, but their prices are very high.

How about I make a list to “recognize F-Droid apps and developers who are shining examples by using F/LOSS systems for developing their apps.” The topic of this wiki-post.

Your personal attack is off-topic, so I will give your complaints all due consideration. How about you attempt to understand you have little to no idea what else I do.

So sorry your app(s) can’t be listed here, because they use non-free network systems github/lab. Feeling your pain.

PS. Please consider using a spell checker. :laughing:

Wiki lists are limited to 32k characters, and this list is nearly there. Is this a hard limit?

Seeing no response from TPTB, format has been adjusted accordingly.

@Licaon_Kter , FWIW, two more apps probably should have non-free net and maybe tracking anti-F’s, but don’t:

Diolite and Don du Sang .

Rather confusing apps, I can’t find that much info on the IoT one and the blood one loaded only OSM map data so far, then again… it has some non-OSM links inside so that would do.


confusing apps

Indeed, and stale.


SECURITY WARNING: This application uses an insecure HTTP connection to exchange
login information with the server.

And not updated since 2016, idk, probably should move to archive repo?


And not updated since 2016, idk, probably should move to archive repo?

Good question, what are the criteria for moving undeveloped apps to the archive? There are a lot.

“Not working” is the best criteria.

Many old apps to test, or use.