Keeping topics always open

i don’t like closing topics.

how could we have a more open space for taking about ideas?

made into a wiki to ask for collaboration and prevent closing. :grin:


originally (if it wasn’t a wiki) i would have started with a different topic, such as:

nodebb vs discourse, and closing topics

i really don’t like closing topics. or [discourse].

for the very same reasons: they’re both well intended ways to have civil discussions, but they end up closing the door on the face of people and many good developments which will simply die.

and i see it was a choice about 2 years ago, unlikely to change.

like using discourse… even more unlikely to change. nodebb is still not so mature, although it have some advantages… i would argue the ideal alternative will be something like delta chat, one day…


how is the recommended way to keep a topic (this one) open?

how about a setting to only have auto close timing while there’s an accepted answer?

I haven’t tested “flag a post, Other reason” to find out whether we are able to describe why a post within a now-closed topic begs editing or removal (because, for instance: info is now outdated, and confusing/misleading… or an embedded link now points to a spammer’s website)

Isn’t delta chat an IM? How can it be ab alternative to a forum?

Closing is fine as long as it can be reopened by someone by posting a comment. That way, one can avoid creating duplicate posts, which has the other benefit of being able to read through existing comments related to the topic in one place.

Posts should be ‘locked’ only if the comments start deviating from the topic and goes out of control.

And you can’t PM a moderator around here to open a topic if you want to post something relevant?

You can, but why not simplify things?