Is there a page that answers the question "How safe is f-droid" for a non tech app user?

I have a few apps available in f-droid that are not available on google-play.

Today i was asked I’m unfamiliar with F-Droid app store how safe is it to use ?

I found with a lot of technical details that is not suitable for non-tech users.

Searching should find a page with all relevant infos.

May be we can use this forum thrad to collect arguments for a non tech page


Proposal for a text:

The f-droid app store only contains apps that are made from public available app-s sourcecode (aka open source).
This garantees makes it unlikely that the apps do not contain “secret code” with unwanted features.

Softwarelibraries, that help the developer to monetize their free apps (advertising, user tracking) are not open source and therefore
are not available in f-droid.

Since malwareautors do not publish the sourcecode of their malware apps it is very unlikely that apps in the F-Droid store contain malwarecode.

Looks good, but “guarantee” is a strong word there. The code is open, but if no one ever checks, then there could be bad code in it.

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A very goog point. i fixed it.

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