Improvement of parsability of information

I want to be able to programmatically extract solely the hyperlinks to repositories from “Archive repositories” and “Testing repositories” and “Known Repositories” and “Abandoned repositories”, but the current structure of the lists causes that to be impossible.

Consequently, am I allowed to add "Repository: " previous to each hyperlink to each repository? Else, I request that that they be restructured as XML or JSON.

I am thankful for any consideration, but please do not ask why I desire this unless it affects your decision.

Additionally, does Discourse contain the ability to instantly notify when these posts have been modified, ideally via electronic mail? I want to invoke this solely when it is necessary rather than arbitrarily.

I’d recommend just parsing all new links in the page. The fingerprint parameter makes it pretty likely the link is a repo; for other links, check for …/index-v1.[jar,json,xml].

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@Efreak, I might parse all links that are beneath headers, because that appears to be the sole consistent property of how each section is formatted. “Automatically add a repository to the FDroid Client?” is the subsequent problem to remediate.