I found something interesting


can be installed via F-Droid or Aurora Store.
knew about it?

Sure. Exodus | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

it was not about that. there are 50 thousand applications and there are no trackers in them.

“No known trackers”, yes. That’s great, what was your point?

Ones available on FDroid can be. Ones available on Git/Via Source Code, you can build youself and install.

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there is. interesting games from this developer.

if I find something interesting. is it worth talking about about it?

Is it open source? If not… not interesting

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Yup, limited to one page and with varied limitations. They are open source and it indeed is a good starting point along with PrivacyScore and OWPM.

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there are problems with sites:


Which problem? Works fine here…

It still works for me.


Do tell more…

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