I cannot update Tor Browser

Good afternoon:

I have a Nexus 6p with lineageos without gaps. And using everything from fdroid. With fdroid in its latest version, ie 1.13.1

But it turns out that I have an update of Tor Browser. But I do not download it, always failed and that the apk is not there. If in the Fdroid application I go to the application I get two of the same, but for different arm. But I just give it to update.

I upload some photos that I did. I know what you are going to say that the tempered glass is broken, but I get the new one on Wednesday hahaha.

And another question I use fennec fdroid 68.11 and the latest version of 68 is 68.12. I get in the application of fdroid, to have the source of fdroid archive activated. But, I hope it doesn’t look bad to the developer of fennec. But I like the old version better than the new one. Less telemetry, better catches the user.js, you can install all the plugins without problem. I know it can be dangerous to use an outdated browser. But I don’t use it much, I use iceraven or mull, with Nasil’s user ( Suggestion for the creator of the Mull browser - #13 by gallegonovato )

I upload the images:

A hug and thank you for your help and time.

Go to F-Droid settings, repositories, guardian project, scroll the mirror list, uncheck one at a time, or check one at a time; try update. Repeat until you find a mirror that works. It’s a feature, not a bug. That’s the “not found” issue I always have anyway. lol

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If the above suggestion doesn’t work then try installing from an app called apkpure. It’s up to date and all digital signatures are confirmed before allowing publication

So you complain about Tor Browser and F-Droid security, then recommend getting TB from apkpure, which I cannot see because it is hidden from TB behind crimeflare. https://krebsonsecurity.com/2015/01/spreading-the-disease-and-selling-the-cure/ Deja vu again.

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Good afternoon @justsomeguy @Moz @Morgoth

Nothing, there is no way.

I went to fdroid application settings, deactivate the two guardian project. Then activate both of them.

I gave fdroid to check for updates. And try to update the application and nothing.

I did it one by one and nothing. With wiffi with data and nothing always the same …

With any of https://search.f-droid.org/?q=Fdroid&lang=es https://f-droid.org/es/packages/org.fdroid.fdroid.privileged/ can not be?.

apkpure that is similar to apkmirror?. But I do not trust that it does not bring gift.

Or adding new Tor repo: https://guardianproject.info/fdroid/

Because if I download it from https://www.torproject.org/es/download/#android

I have the fdroid installed will not allow me to update to be elsewhere but I’m wrong?.

A hug and thanks for your help

You did not dig deep enough. Guardian project official releases “checked” is one step. Also click on the name to go deeper and see more. This is where you select official mirrors of guardian project (and see fingerprint of their signing key).

I haven’t complained about anything, other than an unbelievably dense user who spreads FUD and has already been exposed through private messaging, everybody knows.
Thanks for the 2015 article but I’ll stick with the app which is digitally signed as previously mentioned, your carer is missing words which then sends you down a false path.

It certainly will not bring “gift” as all uploaded apk’s are checked against the expected digital signature, if it doesn’t match then the apk won’t even be visible. You can download apkpure and use it to install Tor, if you want extra reassurance then use classyshark to scan Tor, copy/paste the signature into Google and it will confirm the legitimacy. Ignore justsomeagent, he knows zero.

Good afternoon:

I don’t understand when you say don’t go deep enough?.

I tried both wiffi and data (4g+) about ten times. First I cleared the fdroid cache. And then hiba disabling both, and then enabling both. And making fdroid check for updates every time. Then disabling the official and the same thing. And then with the file.

And when referring to the application. What do you mean go to the one that I get suggested to update. And then there is I do not know what else to do.

Forgive my ignorance on the subject of fdroid.

Sera because I use lineageos 17.1 without google gaps. The only thing that I find strange is that it did not fail until this latest update of fdroid.

A hug and thank you for your help.

Good afternoon @Moz @justsomeguy

First of all thank you very much for your help and time.

What I don’t understand is the user commenting.

I don’t think it’s me because I don’t even know what FUD is.

The forum is to help each other and not to have quarrels between us. And not to attack each other or anything.

Do not take me wrong what I am saying because I do not understand what things are about, and I see this quarrel between you. When the forum is for fun, help and so on.

In my opinion.

A hug and thank you for your help

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Yes this forum and all forums should indeed be a platform for learning and sharing of knowledge, unfortunately some people aren’t as willing to use the forum for these purposes and instead use it to spread aforementioned FUD, FUD being an abbreviation of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. It is usually used by companies to push a product on you or make you choose one brand over another. Tor is probably the single most FUD targeted software in existence, many put great effort into pushing people away from Tor and attempting to cause discourse within communities that use it, in which circumstance you have to ask who would do that and why. 99% of the time it’s intelligence agencies trying to push or frighten people away from Tor safety and into gimmicky companies like NordVPN.
Here is a link to the apkpure mirror of the officially digitally signed by Tor Project installation. You can scan it with everything and anything, it will come back clean and legitimate as if it wasn’t then it wouldn’t be published in the first place. Click the little blue ticked shield if you want more information.

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  • F-Droid
  • settings,
  • repositories,
  • See guardian project official releases; verify checked
  • tap on “guardian project official releases” line
  • See a list of more info
  • scroll to “Official mirrors” list
  • touch and scroll the mirror list
  • uncheck all except one mirror
  • go back to F-Droid display of Tor Browser
  • Tap update
  • If “not found” error, repeat with a different one mirror selected.
  • Repeat until it works, or every mirror fails.

There should be about 7 mirrors to choose. If none work, you have a different problem than I did.


I had to disable all but the first 2:

https://guardianproject.info/fdroid/repo/index.xml #2021-08-13
http://bdf2wcxujkg6qqff.onion/fdroid/repo/index.xml #2021-08-13

These all work, but are outdated:

https://s3.amazonaws.com/guardianproject/fdroid/repo/index.xml #2021-06-29
https://guardianproject.s3.amazonaws.com/fdroid/repo/index.xml #2021-06-29
https://guardianproject.gitlab.io/fdroid-repo/fdroid/repo/index.xml #2020-10-06
https://gitlab.com/guardianproject/fdroid-repo/-/raw/master/fdroid/repo/index.xml #2021-06-29
https://raw.githubusercontent.com/guardianproject/fdroid-repo/master/fdroid/repo/index.xml #2021-06-29

@hans or anyone else from Guardian Project, please take a look to see why the mirrors aren’t all being updated. thank you kindly


I’ve just checked fdroid and it has Tor updated 4 days ago from Guardian Project. Current version is the latest version 10.5.3

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From the guy involved with crypto miners? Hey I’ll believe him, he sticks by what he says…

It’s probable that fdroid has been used for malware in the past, as has every repository. Google brings back an interesting sounding article which has mysteriously now has been removed.

And the issue you linked is a dead point since it’s already fixed
" Shortly after that, a new version (3.17.19) appeared on the APKPure website. According to its description, the update “Fixed a potential security problem, making APKPure safer to use.”

We can confirm that the problem has indeed been fixed: APKPure 3.17.19 doesn’t contain the malicious component. It is safe to use."

Find another outdated article for your FUD campaign

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Search “f-droid” “trojan” finds mostly stuff about how F-Droid is a better safer alternative to apkpure, which has a documented history of actually delivering trojans.

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Yes, because all other articles have been removed. Anyone could upload a Trojan to fdroid, plenty would get infected before it’s discovered. I imagine things like that are how you guys get Network Investigation Tools onto people’s devices, look at that drug dealer who had some weird beard app. Either way you can keep looking for hits but people are becoming increasingly aware.

And for anyone believing him for whatever reason, have a look at what fdroid themselves say about it.

" Terms, etc.

F-Droid is a non-profit volunteer project. Although every effort is made to ensure that everything in the repository is safe to install, you use it AT YOUR OWN RISK. Wherever possible, applications in the repository are built from source, and that source code is checked for potential security or privacy issues. This checking is far from exhaustive and there are no guarantees."

≥This checking is far from exhaustive and there are no guarantees
Yeh Jim it looks k, pass her on through

Source: https://f-droid.org/en/about/

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The point is: Can’t F-Droid be any smarter?
At the very least, there should be a useful explanation what had happened (Like: “An URL (show the name preferably) that was expected to to provide an update for %s was invalid.”
Even better: Try alternate URLs automatically if available/possible.


Completely different than apkpure’s disclaimer (not), excerpt:


Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20210815215926/https://m.apkpure.com/terms.html


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