I am looking for an Android TV box that does not force me to create a Google account

My ATV is using Android 9, don’t have a custom launcher installed as the stock one displays just fine. Majority of apps installed are from f-droid, mostly utility style apps not all exactly made to run on ATV such as App Manager, FTP Share, Invizible Pro(this does have an ATV display), Syncthing, Interceptor-NG, PCAPdroid, VLC, LibreSpeed, Droid-ify, Aurora Store, Fennec, etc and all display fine.
Only app I couldn’t stand to use on this box was Netflix, hard to navigate with a regular remote.
It’s not exactly pretty to look at but it’s functional which is what matters.

Mainly used for Kodi, but at times I transfer movies from other devices to it.


There is a TV version of Orbot.
And VLC has a TV mode in its settings that is quite nice.

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You can install Fdroid and Aurora Store on Android TV. You can update the apps in the Android TV Google Play Store with Aurora Store.

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The stock launcher display ads for Google services (Youtube, Play,…). I wish to get rid of those ads.

Thank you, will test it

More details?

I should mention that you make have to make an icon for your TV when installing android apps on android TV. There are websites that help with that.

Link to website?

Aurora allows you to change the device ID so it appears as something else to the Play store, use that spoofing maybe

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I forgot the website I packaged it on so I would have to find it again. I do have the files I made from it.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install Fdroid on TV using the regular apk app you can download.

  2. After instalation, intstall this program to get Fdroid to appear on TV menu.
    Ufile.io - 1645475367

If you want to install Fennec then install it with Fdroid. Then use the Fennec file I also have in that download link to get it to appear in TV menu.

What apps are those? Also, why have you uploaded instead of giving official links? It could be a rouge agent as well.

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It is the linking/displaying for Fdroid app and Fennec app.

There is no official link. The files I uploaded are not the apps itself but the type of information needed to display an app on Android TV. It says here is the link to app X and here is the icon to use for app X. You still need to install the official app X. You will have to trust the website that packaged it( The one I forgot the name of). They way I used these is by installing the official app first. Then I installed these so they can display in the app launcher on Android TV. Not all apps in the Fdroid store need this. Aurora Store showed up fine without having to install an app to display it in the list with the other apps.

Actually, one easy way I use is by activity launcher, and creating a shortcut for its URI.
Moreover, those applications you gave are APK files, and no matter what, any unofficial (although I distrust official ones too, lol), ones, I simply do not use them. Am not saying your files are malicious, just that unless I feel safe, I mistrust any file.
I did a virus check on both, and they are free of infection.
Fennec_ATV: VirusTotal
FDroid_ATV: VirusTotal

I found my bookmark for the site I packaged it on.


A good one for people who needs it easy. Thanks for sharing mate.

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