Hi all, I would like to build some basic open source android apps

Thanks for the link, I will have look soon, once i have finished my app and looked into mvvm and mvc

looks good, thanks for the link ByteHamster.

You have some interesting ideals
Allows gifs/media to be visibly sent to iPhone, never built anything on iPhone, but cloud storage could be a good option(drop box, google drive), I built a NextCloud sever on my old pc and forward the ports to a Godaddy domain, That was fun and I had so much storage, compatible with android, iphones etc.

Audio Record apps while on a call!
I don’t think 2 apps can use the mic at the same time(could be wrong), you could build a phone app.phone app
you should be able to add MediaRecorder in the onAnswer (with a button, on/off)

not sure about the layman users fix gliches with their Android


That is a great idea

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