Hi all, I would like to build some basic open source android apps

Just don’t know how to get stated on the forum, any advice would be great, I have made lots of small apps and now I would like to help the community.

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Which ones? Are they FOSS? Links?

I have build a couple of apps for my work place (couple of years ago), did have close to 100 but my hard-drive broke and I lost them but I gain loads of experience, I have covered all the basics.

If you have any apps in mind, give a store book example(pics, videos etc) with details of what the buttons do, need details on the devices the app will run(landscape(screen size) or portrait(screen size)) and I can build you apps for free.

I want to build a Portfolio, so I can get a full time job, 10-15 apps with good feed back should tick all the boxes.


Great, no idea oh app purpose thought, but please don’t make yet another todo app, or notes, or youtube viewer or any app that has already 2-3 alternatives :slight_smile:

Better contribute to existing apps instead, fixing bugs is a worthy goal :+1:


Sounds good, how do I get started(Links)?

Maybe you can pick some ideas.


This one would be easy, voice to text with a switch to text to voice, guess i could look into English to french etc, (text and audio) for most country’s

Any good?

Just a quick sketch of the app.

Will make a start on it later today after work.

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If you want, I have an interesting bug in my app.
See Crashing app (my own TKCompanionApp) after updates

I don’t know about React Native, never used it but the ADB error.
Could take a guess.

  1. Debug mode works fine, so the code should work.
  2. Crashes on startup, something is blocking you.
  3. not releasing dso store lock(error), maybe a user permission(storage) is now required after the update?

I’ll check point 3. Could be, even though I’m not using files.

I was looking at the start of the error.
Not releasing dso store lock for /data/user/0/name.bresciani.marco.tkcompanionapp/lib-main.

Lots of my apps have crashed with out the correct permission added to my manifest

There were no permissions added between RN 0.68.3 and 0.69.5 in the upgrade helper diffs, but I’ll try to set something.

Just started to build the app, off to a good start.

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Hi all, have been working on the app over the last couple of days( well about 4 hours)
I have built a second app, just to check my code and i have a working custom spinner with 7 country’s and it convers a line of text into the 7 different languages when i click on the spinner (flag/country name), so i will merge the apps together and see how it goes, i will upload it to github as i merge the 2 apps, should be fun.

Looks cool. I know you just started the app, but you should really have a couple of .java files, and not put stuff into main activity.

For example, your bindings can be in adifferent file and the text to speech stuff in it’s own file.
I don’t know how advanced you are, but it helped me greately to read about clean code design patterns. MVVM, to be specific.

if you are looking for project where you can contribute to you can search github for project-issus:

For example this searches for

  • label = “good+first+issue” (issue is good for newcomers)
  • label = “help+wanted”
  • android (has something to do with android)


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Just the label “good first issue” should be enough, I think. An issue doesn’t need to have both labels in order to be a good starting point. The issue list could then also be sorted by thumbs-up :slight_smile: So I would maybe use something like this:


Please, for the love of Android users, make an app that allows gifs/media to be visibly sent to iPhone users!
Or an app that allows you to use Audio Record apps while on a call!
Or an app that lets layman users fix gliches with their Android,vwould be nice too.

Thanks Damjan,
Your right about breaking up the code into some java classes and its bad practice to put it all in the main activity, over the last 3 days I have been looking into MVC and need to get my head around this.

How advanced am I, good question, when it comes to the activity, I build any layout I want with a small amount of effort and most the time i can break most tutorial download and reuse the code in my project. I do struggle with building objects from scratch and using them in my projects, need to learn more about interfaces vs java classes and using views in new objects, then adding them to my project.

but thank you for the advice.