[Help wanted] How to create a reproducible build (FairEmail)

I understand what you say, but:

  • diffoscope on F-Droid seems to be broken (see earlier)
  • diffoscope crashed on my device
  • There was no result on diffoscope.org because it took to long
  • I have no suitable hardware to install an F-Droid build environment

IMHO it should just work if the build environments are aligned. I will make the necessary changes in the gradle scripts, but I need to know what to change.

tl;dr; I can’t do this alone.

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Yeah, saw the log, will check asap.

Opps, my bad, I’ve pushed the updated metadata without the ndk line commit, it’s fixed now :neutral_face:

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Reproducible builds are not easy anywhere, as you’ve already seen. To make it a thing, we need people like you to work through these difficulties. I don’t know of a better tool than diffoscope for this. They do welcome bug reports and are responsive, so please do report troubles to their issue tracker.

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I prefer to put time into actual development, so I am not going to pursue this any further. If F-Droid want reproducible builds, F-Droid should put effort into this IMHO, not developers.

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We have put a ton of effort into reproducible builds, and it will only happen if more people get involved. Sorry I don’t have clear answers, but they don’t yet exist. So its great that you dove in as much as you did, it would be quite helpful if you could post your experience to the various related bug trackers. For example, here are the diffoscope issues: https://bugs.debian.org/diffoscope, search for “apk” on that page and you’ll find relevant issues that you could post to.

The good news is that @bubu got some grant funding to work on reproducible builds, so we should see improvements this year.

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