"Full Network Access" Permission question

I know you very knowledgeable young people tolerate my questions because of your respect for my age (in another hundred years or so I’ll be 200 yrs old), so I’ll ask your indulgence once again.

When an app asks to “have full Network access” is it sending data from my phone to its own servers or data base? Or is it only using the phone’s ability to send? Perhaps to the user’s choice? Ignore the question if it too much reflects my ignorance and is nonsensical.

As an example, I’m sure it’s okay but what does Markor “do” with this network permission?

@gsantner A question for you here

I probably should have asked the source. Thanks for mentioning it.
I was hoping it was a more general question.

Open source? Look at the source code… :stuck_out_tongue:

So my questions will not be tolerated…
Sorry. I assumed this forum was open to those who may not know how to read code.

Full network access means that app can send data to any server on the Internet, at any time.

One cannot say what and when it’ll send without checking its source code.

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That was a straight enough answer to a question I should not have asked. Thanks.
I think the old man needs to sign out of this forum before I embarrass myself further.
Reading here has occupied my mind and been a pleasure.
Thanks to all.

@David1 Not sure where did you get the tone of my voice from some text, nobody said anything that would warrant such a response.

That’s the only answer…read the source code.

Use Netguard to see WHERE it connects (but that’s in the source code), read the code to see WHAT it sends.

This is on a app by app case, no one can say unless…one…you’ve guessed it…reads than code.

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Do consider that if it did mean it only sent data to first party servers or databases externally, it could still be relayed from there, so the question that needs asking is whether you trust the app to have your data.

If you use the privacy guard in LineageOS it is easy to see what permissions are used by any given app, and tune them to your liking.


If your torch app needs ‘full network access’: fishy, no such permission should be needed.
If your instant message app or weather app needs that permission: it’s OK, they rely on the internet network to be useful.

Don’t leave a forum because of a risk of embarrassment.
Internet would be an empty place if we all do the same.


Full network access, is there any guarantee data that is supposedly sent to “A” is not actually going to “B”? “A” referring to the server or website expected. “B”, being some place that just collects your data. Full access to send data to any website the developer has set up? Thank you.

Read the source code, use a firewall (Eg. Netguard)

/duplicate Permission question

“One cannot say what and when it’ll send without checking its source code.”
I read and see now. I use the google play store to scan my phone because I can not yet read code. Google Play Protect. When I give Unknown sources permission to install I should be protected.

That doesn’t do what you think it does.

It does cover some stuff (see their latest report: https://source.android.com/security/reports/Google_Android_Security_2018_Report_Final.pdf ) but they don’t/can’t check or “guarantee data that is supposedly sent to “A” is not actually going to “B””.

Also keep in mind that this is not dependant on “where you’ve installed the apps from” (eg. apps using Facebook SDK and sharing your data with Facebook without your consent: https://media.ccc.de/v/35c3-9941-how_facebook_tracks_you_on_android were “clean” apps installed from Google Play store ).

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