FDroid apps fail to start

I installed Lineage OS and FDroid on a Moto G7 Play. I have downloaded Aurora Store, NewPipe, DuckDuckGo Browser and Osmand. The only app that will launch is Osmand. The other 3 will flash on like they are starting and then close immediately like something is blocking them from starting. Is there something else I need for these apps to run? Trying to get my life back from Google (as much as possible). Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Have you seen the Adb logcat? Try seeing it and copy the error code.

Don’t do that, it may not be relavant with Google. As fas as I am concerned, the apps you mentioned don’t use Google Play services.

Thanks for the response JohnFai. There are no error codes. That is what is frustrating. I click on the icon to start one of those 3 apps and it flashes like it is going to start and it just shuts down immediately, no message or anything. The phone is new and had Android 10 on it and I installed Lineage OS 17.1 which was a real experience. I did not want Google Apps on it as I mentioned I am trying to get away from Google. It’s as though something is blocking these apps from starting. All were downloaded from FDroid and only Osmond maps will actually run the other 3 will not.

I found the problem. I installed Lineage OS Rom which apparently doesn’t allow a lot of things. I wasn’t sure how to get around it so I found Lineage OS with MicroG rom and installed that. Now everything works fine.

Aurora Store and NewPipe use Google websites, so by using them you are still hooked-on-google. By using DuckDuckGo you are still hooked-on-microsoft.

Installing apps with Aurora is installing apps from Play store, with all the trackers they include…

You may have reduced the amount or type of personal information you feed them, some, but the amount of reduction or benefit is an open question.

Then there’s the tracking done by LineageOS itself.

Welcome to the nightmare. :smiley:

That is not normal.
It should just work.
Was it an OFFICIAL build you had installed?

Yes from https://lineageos.org/. Not sure what happened but everything works now.

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