F-droid.org for technophobes

Could that be a focus for some kind of free software lobbying group?

Amazon used to run ads (on YouTube) for how to install their app store on an Android device. It was kind of a “You’re doing something Google doesn’t want you to do, but it’s pretty easy!”

All F-droid needs is a page that makes the case for F-droid over google play (why FOSS is better than ad-filled/privacy invading gratis software), and then walks you through the steps to install.

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@switchingsocial I think everyone agrees that f-droid.org needs much better organization. It looks like it does because it has grown organically, with new sections just tacked on. It needs to be reorganized to make sense. That’s a large project, and I’d be happy to help anyone who wants to take it on.


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