F-Droid Client search feature is broken

But maybe we don’t agree on the meaning of “polite”.

When a you man product page2 under another another interpretation errr throw suchlife id don’t overthink it :wink:

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agree on the meaning of “polite”

And we’ve nearly reached the level of “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” Bill Clinton and the meaning of “is”


Someone has an attempt to improve the searching via the androidx appsearch library Fdroid-appsearch-release.apk · 8d112782abb717c44f9e97209863ed391c62c8b4 · Ngenge Senior / F-Droid Client · GitLab

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No, we haven’t. I was being sarcastic. Unspas reply was anything but polite.


I just registered to reply on this threat.

I was looking for a simple contact app for my newly LineageOS for MicroG running phone installed from scratch. Not even one result containing “contacts” on the first page. Complete rubbish to be honest. Very frustrating finding all those random results. It’s like putting first gear on a car you want to drive and the car starts going backwards.

If you have plans to make it work in the future but you know it doesn’t work well at the moment why did you leave it by default? Common guys this is important.

I am lucky that I searched why the search on F-droid was so bad and I found this thread. Many others won’t do it and won’t find the “search by name” option and therefore stop using F-droid.

Thank you

better search


F-Droid Classic (F-Droid client with the classic UI) - https://f-droid.org/app/eu.bubu1.fdroidclassic

Bonus: developed on F/LOSS self-hosted gitlab.