Download Unsuccessful - missing APK?


I am trying to install ‘Zandy’. If I try to install on my phone via the f-droid app, it just says “Download unsuccessful”. If I go to the website to download the APK and install that way, it says “Not Found - The requested URL /repo/com.gimranov.zandy.app_1370.apk was not found on this server.” when I try to download it. Same thing happens for the other version.

Does anyone know why these files are missing and how I can get them please?


I get “Download unsuccessful” for Bubble. However, I discovered that Bubble version 1.9.7 is available on F-Droid but not in a web browser for download so I filed the bug here.

“Zandy” is not searchable on

loaned is not downloadable. The APK Link returns a 404.

Thanks for the comments all. Sounds like it is related to the big move of apps to the archive repository. For example, the download link for loaned fails:

But this one is successful (me manually changing “repo” to “archive”):

We have an issue related to keeping the website in sync with both the main and the archive repo (fdroid-website #57 and jekyll-fdroid #16).