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I noticed the build for H872 is up. Thank you.

I will be trying it out today or tomorrow. Is there a list of features that you would like to be tested? I use this as a WiFi only device, so I will not be able to test anything SIM related.

Also, currently it is running crDroid 10.1 (Android 14). Should I simply flash the DivestOS zip from the crDroid recovery?

Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and the torch may not work

Ok. I’ll check those out. They do work in crDroid.

Bluetooth, NFC, and the flashlight all work properly. I’m having trouble with GPS. Everything else seems fine.

please test GPS per Faq - DivestOS Mobile with GPSTest | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

GPS is working. I was in my home when I initially tested and apparently get very poor signal inside the house.

Would the H872 be considered a newer or older Qualcomm device for the purpose of recommending SUPL?

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that is covered here: Network Connections - DivestOS Mobile

SUPL is recommended to be on so it locks quicker as PSDS is not available

thank you for testing, I’ll mark it working :slight_smile:


There have been reports of not being able to access the websites.

There is now a distinct and optional Cloudflare mirror of them.

  • divested.dev is available at eeyo.re
  • divestos.org is available at divestos.eeyo.re

Today’s Hypatia and Carrion updates have them as an opt-in preset via the “Database server override” option.

You can also add it as mirror for the DivestOS Official repo by pasting this into F-Droid: DivestOS Official
There is a video of this step by step here: https://divestos.eeyo.re/videos/tutorial-fdroid-add_mirror.webm

To be clear: divestos.org and divested.dev are NOT and will NEVER be through Cloudflare, this is solely limited to the dedicated domain (eeyo.re).

And reminder that the websites are additionally available via Tor Onions:


Hi, I try to join an XMPP community for DivestOS (see address below) I can’t get into contact with the Admin/Owner to be added to the community.

Any help on this? Thanks

XMPP Community

Compared to crDroid 10.1 DivestOS seems to have quicker battery drain but is more responsive. Tap-to-wake also works on DivestOS and I was not able to get it working on crDroid. Wireless charging and camera work. Let me know if there are any specific aspects you would like tested.