DivestOS: long term device support with enhanced privacy and security

Great, thanks again and props for the timely support. Guess I’ll wait for the next 18.1-update to check, and then as soon as I can bring up the time relock, upgrade to 19.1 and report back here.

I upgraded to 19.1 (divested-19.1-20220713-dos-FP3.zip) without encountering any issues so far. Display, charging, voice calling, networking, bluetooth, camera and location seem to work. Is there anything else I should check out for device testing?

Do you know of anything comparable to the above mentioned firmware issues on OnePlus-devices that might make an FP3-relock more risky running Android 12 as compared to 11?

Is unofficial build supported? If so, I would love if you can add my device Development - [UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 19.1 for Redmi Note 10 Pro [Sweet & SweetIN] | XDA Forums

Does the fingerprint reader work? I’ve had inconsistent reports that it does and doesn’t.
And, FP3 relock should be fine.

That wasn’t an issue with OnePlus as much as it was a deliberate choice from what is known so far due to the Oppo and OnePlus merger.


Fingerprint reader seems to work (just a quick test, I normally don’t use it). Thanks for the info!

Sad… I plan to use that rom without gapps or micro g. So what would be the difference between divest and that rom with regards to privacy? I know that everytime I connect to wifi, it will ping google to check if i have internet.
Thank you!


So what would be the difference between divest and that rom with regards to privacy

Most aftermarket systems are horrifically insecure.
Can’t have privacy without some modicum of security.

Seriously use GrapheneOS if you can, otherwise DivestOS is the least worst for most devices.

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I can’t afford pixel, even second hand, as it is too expensive in my country. Plus I don’t trust Graphene as the owner Daniel Micay is a toxic and unstable guy and he might push a malicious update. The only best option I have is that unofficial lineage. Btw just curious, calyx without microg is not a good option?


he might push a malicious update.


calyx without microg is not a good option

Your device isn’t supported by Calyx either so that isn’t an option?

Not sure what that means.

I am just curious about your thoughts on calyx as you are an expert…

what that means

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

Still, you shouldn’t trust anyone for anything important to you* if you haven’t experienced sufficient history of them being trustworthy in interactions with you, or others.

*Depends on your “threat model”


Also has interesting history and associates with fertilizer for FUD…and only supports newer Pixels.

If you don’t want to carry around microG in your Rom, then you probably don’t want CalyxOS.

By the way, is the XMPP-Chatroom (divestos-mobile@conference.konvers.me) still active? I tried to join via Conversations but its asking for a password; couldn`t find a way to PM.

There is a captcha, try a different client perhaps.
And it is reasonably active with 50-60 members.

Nevermind, it miraculously worked without password vor captcha after deleting app data and trying again.

May I know what interesting history are you talking about? Calyx has also started to support devices like oneplus, but again, if i could afford oneplus, i would just buy a pixel and use graphene.
TO anyone, I have redmi note 10 pro, which rom would be best for be for privacy and security? Currently on arrow os 12, thinking to switch to lineage 19.1. I know both are bad options but I don’t have any other option…

If you can believe anything you read… the founder of Calyx Institute was target and “gagged” resister of a National Security Letter. Associates have included co-founder of Riseup Micah Anderson, ex-NSA Brian Snow, and very conservative politician Bob Barr.

What do you mean by that? It’s no debate, he posts everything from his official channels/accounts.

what point are you trying to make?

Google Pixel 3a (sargo)


First of all: I was aware of: DivestOS Device Status: Broken - but I thought new ROM, more luck? Who knows …

The starting point was a freshly installed stock ROM 12.1.0 (SP2A.220505.006, May 2022)

First I installed the current lineage-19.1-20220726-recovery-sargo + lineage-19.1-20220726-nightly-sargo-signed. System boots into LOS 19.1 system. All was ok.

Now i installed quick & dirty divested-19.1-20220713-dos-sargo.zip via Lineage-Recovery
The system boots and stops with the colored Google logo on a black background. For minutes nothing happens.

Okay, I boot my P3a into fastboot mode using the key combination, install Lineage recovery again, then the LOS ROM. System boots into LOS 19.1 system. All was ok.

Now i installed DivestOS via fastboot update divested-19.1-20220713-dos-sargo-fastboot.zip The result is the same as before: The system boots and stops with the colored Google logo on a black background. For minutes nothing happens.

Last but not least, I boot my P3a into fastboot mode using key combination again and install GrapheneOS release Pixel 3a (legacy) sargo-factory-2022072000 via flash-all.bat, lock the bootloader again and boot into GrapheneOS system. Perfect, everything runs as it should.

Summary: DivestOS 19.1 does not boot even in July 2022. Very pity!

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I appreciate that, thanks!
Still seems generic to what is already there however.

I was thinking of persisting the theme of the fox, I figure a racoon fits what Mull is: