DivestOS: long term device support with enhanced privacy and security

YES! That worked. I think the part I was missing what running the A/B sync script after sideloading the stock ROM. It’s booting into DivestOS now.

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Final question: I need to install Aurora Store and be able to download some apps that depend on Google Play Services. On LineageOS, I just installed Pico Gapps. Should I do the same thing here or does DivestOS handle that differently?

Glad to hear it is booting now.

As for gapps, they are not supported: Faq - DivestOS Mobile

Bummer. I get why that’s the case, but in practice, that’s kind of a deal-breaker for me. My company uses GSuite and I need to be able to use Google products in a work profile with Shelter. Thanks for your help though.

You can try to flash gapps, it should mostly work. It will however break updates, verified boot, and bootloader locking, and you’ll need to use a different recovery.

I have redmi note 10 pro. I was told that redmi phones get awesome support from rom devs but both the unofficial lineage projects on xda were abandoned and all other require gapps. Currently I am using arrow os 12 without gapps, the best I could find.
I found this https://www.getdroidtips.com/lineage-os-19-redmi-note-10-pro/ but couldn’t find any source code.
I am willing to port lineage to my device but I don’t have any knowledge, and people at lineage told me that if you have never done it before, don’t look into it.
So is there anything I can do? I just want to use something like hardened lineage/ divest os. Can a newbie like me port to new device? Are there scripts that help you do it?
I am on linux desktop os and I am willing to learn.
Thank you!


If you like videos, you could learn a lot from @alaskalinuxuser videos. At gitlab: AlaskaLinuxUser · GitLab

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Thanks a lot! As his videos are old for older android versions, is the process same or has changed?

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Process is mostly unchanged over the years.

It takes me 2-4 hours to add support for and compile an officially supported LineageOS device for DivestOS.
Porting an unsupported device with an existing device tree can be done in a day or three.
Porting a completely unsupported device is a very arduous process.


If you don’t mind YouTube, there are some newer videos on my channel that didn’t make it to gitlab:


And there are links there to my telegram group, too, where new folks learn how to do this with the help of some seasoned developers.

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Thanks a lot @SkewedZeppelin and @alaskalinuxuser.
@alaskalinuxuser I have already started learning from your videos. I will join your telegram group to ask questions!

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Never mind, I don’t have the hardware requirements, plus shitty internet.
Thanks for the help though! :slight_smile:

Well, good news for u, it seems ginkgo will get official lineage 18.

@SkewedZeppelin Any chance?

Hi folks, been joining DivestOS yesterday on Xiaomi 9T/K20. It seems to be working very smoothly. Better than former install of Lineage OS. Incredibly few undesired connections. More stable bluetooth (to be confirmed). Thanks for that great job ! Hope you will maintain it for a while.

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added: Device Additions Requests · Issue #68 · Divested-Mobile/DivestOS-Build · GitHub

You mean I would need to regularly flash a new image to update? If so I would need to regularly unlock the bootloader and lock it back again I suppose.
I really don’t know how to configure the update server/what consequences it would have, any chance someone could help me on that?

Also, when I set up the work space it doesn’t matter that I did until
repo -init
command before figuring out how to do
git submodule update

Thanks a lot


You mean I would need to regularly flash a new image to update

That is what an update is.

would need to regularly unlock the bootloader and lock

No. What use would a phone be if you had to wipe it twice every update.

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Just passing by to say yet again, that you have a very cool project going on.
And website refinements over the last year’s time are fine, too.

Best regards,

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I love your project, beside of the privacy advantages over noGapps Lineage it also has some quite awesome features and apps :smiley:
However, I had to find out that my new phone, the Fairphone 4 (FP4) is not supportet. So I guess u know whats coming next ^^"
Are there any plans to add support for it and is it possible to give an indication when?
I know, there is no official LineageOS yet, however the community already created inofficial builds that work and last time I checked it seemed like the only reason the builds are not official yet is because right now no one has the resources to do the stuff Lineage asks to be done to make a build official.
I’d also be ready to invest my own time in trying to make a build, however my knowledge in this area is very limited. So if you have something like a tutorial or so for me to begin with, I’d be happy to take a look and, if it seems doable for me, try to make the build by myself.
Something else, in this thread I saw someone write about having to flash his device once every month, he was talking about building it by himself and updating it instead of the build in updater, right? For “normal” updates u dont need to reset the device, right?

Fairphone 4 (FP4) is not supportet

Seeing how 2 and 3 are supported, it’s probably a matter of time.

trying to make a build

You must be looking for this build guide:


For “normal” updates u dont need to reset the device, right?

Right. Just tap download, then tap install. Works great!