Bug application

Bug apps simpl e clavier

This one? https://f-droid.org/fr/packages/rkr.simplekeyboard.inputmethod/

What about it?

Sorry but this kind of comment is not usefull or detailed enough to be usefull!
Please take the time to write a proper message, because as of now it just looks like spam unfortunately :confused:


Observation: apk :clavier simple : clavier bloqué

We only package the app on F-Droid

Any issues should be reported to THAT app developer, here: https://github.com/rkkr/simple-keyboard/issues

@Erifxof32 probably this issue: https://github.com/rkkr/simple-keyboard/issues/330

Application simple-keyboard est une application f.droid ou google play

L’ application simple keyboard ,version 5.9 fonctionne tres bien ,apres l’ avoir telechargé ,ainsi que couleur du clavier ,fonctionne tres bien apres essais.bravo au developpeur.

Appli simple -keyboard est affiche par play store en mention google et non f.droid ,je comprend que developpement google .question a qui appartient cet appli

Je peux voir F-Droid mentionee ici: https://github.com/rkkr/simple-keyboard/blob/master/README.md

Le magasin Play ne advertise pas d’autre sit…

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