Are you interested in my script to deploy updates?

I didn’t get any answer on GitLab, maybe it was the wrong place to ask so I’ll try it here.

If you are I’ll adapt my script and send a merge request.

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This is useful to the actual app devs and not to F-Droid directly, right?

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Yes, my intention was to have it published it on the website.

Any help to foss devs is a help to the cause. Thank you! Encouragement to you.

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So we’re back to no one “official” answering…

Two ideas where it might be put: -> a link somewhere under Submit Applications

@Hocuri Thank you for your work and interest in F-Droid!

I can see how the script helps you deploy updates to F-Droid, but I don’t think publishing this on is the right place. Rather, we can open a category here in this forum where F-Droid users and (app) developers can share tips and tricks, including scripts like yours. What do you think about this?


That’s a nice idea as well, as long as this category gets a link from :wink: otherwise no one will find it :frowning_face:

@Hocuri How would you call the category? I can then add it here in the forum and put a link on the doc page on For this, we also need to come up with a one-liner description.

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To show how much this can differ: I for example am not doing anything fancy with my files, so I don’t need a script.
I write up my fastlane stuff already with each commit and when I push a signed tag it’ll be deployed. And I tend to let stuff stay on dev-branch till I’m sure I want to push that to the non-rewritable master.

Maybe Tips & Tricks? Or just App developers? Or Useful scripts? I don’t know and don’t have any preference between those…

For the one-liner: More information/scripts to develop and deploy apps for F-Droid?

[details=“Slightly off-topic answer to Ox0p54”]

My script won’t work if you did anything fancy with your files (at least so this is a reason in favor of using it :wink:

So you effectively write some of the commit message twice? My script will automatically generate the changelog from the commit messages, saving you this work :+1:

Commit messages usually are cluttered with stuff that most users aren’t interested about. I write up the relevant stuff in the commit that makes the change, thus having everything already paired up. It’s also less work to write technical commits instead of user-friendly ones and then write a simple version if required for the fastlane docs. If somebody is interested in the details he can still browse the git repo.

Here it is:

Topics in this category will automatically get created as wiki topics, meaning others can modify and improve stuff. If you don’t want that, you can turn it off after creating the topic. Soon, it will also pop up in F-Droid’s documentation.


Great! I don’t have the time to improve and upload my script currently so I’ll do that later; what remains for now is say: many thanks to you, @NicoAlt! :+1:

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Oh, just one last thing: Here About the Tips & Tricks category you wrote “Share your tips & tricks around F-Droid.” I’d change it to something like " Share your tips & tricks around developing apps for and publishing apps on F-Droid."

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I thought that the category could be open to any topic, not just about developers’ stuff.

The only other topic that comes to my mind is usage of F-Droid, which shouldn’t require any tips and tricks :wink: I would rather put that into the Wiki section (not Wiki->Tips and Tricks)

@Hocuri Yeah, you’ve a point. I neither can come up with any other need.

As I’ve had to read you suggestion various times until I understood its meaning, I’ve changed it (to the not much better version) “Share your tips & tricks around developing and publishing stuff for F-Droid”.

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