Any interest in including a rebrand of Signal?

Same devs, different direction.

Which one?

The 404 error was for the URL for Zom messenger on F-droid.
See here for more info :

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Afraid you won’t find any app in my archive. I only use that as “purgatory”: everything landing there is getting purged :smile:

Funny. The code rather looks like it comes from Conversations. At least a bunch of Conv classes in there. So does that mean ChatSecure is based on conversations?

Well, easily explained: ZOM is in my repo, not in the official one (so neither are there wiki pages for it in the official wiki). AFAIK that’s a bug in the Android client: whenever you want to share the link to an app, it doesn’t check what repo the app is in but simply appends the package name to the “official” base URLs. But as your post has the link to my repo: where do those 3 links come from?


No, but Conversations has the OMEMO things done right, hence…


It can’t be build though…(waiting for reproducible iirc)

Oh, I didn’t consider that. Of course, if the Metadata file is in our repo, those pages exist whether the app has a valid build or not.

Ah I see, I didn’t realize to check the wiki.

In regards to other comments: my point was that zom is free, easy to setup, and on the google play store. So it’s a low barrier for someone to start chatting with me via onemo xmpp. Quicksy would be the other option.

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