Amaze file manager abuses the intent interface to promote apparently non-free apps

It won’t till user keep it disabled from settings.

We’ll see it when it’s ready…

Fyi this is fixed with v3.8.4 on fdroid. Requesting removal of Anti feature flag from our fdroid page.

There’s no change… user is still forced to setup ALL the intents your app touches.

Also, being opt-out, the fact that the user NEEDs to disable it in settings means the antifeature stays anyway. :confounded:


I agree, it being opt out doesn’t really help if it still resets the default apps options. Even though this may still be an antifeature I would much prefer a one time prompt when you open the app. It being an intent is also unclear for users who would think it is a part of the app until they click it. I can understand wanting people to use the suite of apps and I don’t think this was done out of malice, but I think SimpleMobileTools shows it is possible without severely inconveniencing the user. Currently it may ultimately be detrimental to you as people would just get annoyed, think the app is bloated because of how it appears in the intents, and uninstall it completely without even being aware that the functionality is in other apps