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In the libre Youtube app’s (NewPipe, MusicPiped, …) after a while of playing a video with an imagen or in the background, it is imposible to reproduce it. The video is still on Youtube but it does not play in your app unless you reinstall it (sometimes or not). Do you know what it is? Do you have a solution other than reinstalling? Is it posible to automatically change video in the case of listening to a song so that the playlist does not stop playing?

This sounds like an app issue, so…open app details…links…press Issues and go there and report it.

Here we only package the app as they are.

Can there be in fact any restriction by Youtube (from Google) to the use of libre app’s?

Again, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t…better go there and find out…

Just in case anybody would like to use Firefox (like a normal person, besides those cool 3rd-party apps), instead of the YouTube Android app, here’s the Add-on to enable background play… At least until Google finds a way to kill it, because it’s one of the “features” for which they’re trying to charge for their premium service (YouTube Red, or whatever it’s called. :))

Video Background Play Fix,

EDIT: Hm, a AndroidPIT video is suggesting that (the simple browser option) “Request desktop site” for YouTube will also allow for background playing.

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