Yet another F-Droid app in google$tore

The developer thinks that a “guide” is necessary:

He clearly says:
“This is just guide app and not affiliated with F-Droid market offically”(SIC)

I didn’t download the app, didn’t want to help the statistics (downloads between 500-1000)
Is this violating the rules? Do we flag as inappropriate? Do we ask for a link to
or maybe he is helping (low scale) to make F-Droid known…

We are not affiliated with such an app and do not know have knowledge
what it actually does. While we thus cannot say anything about the
legal status by now, I, myself, would not advise downloading or using

Guess the Whack-A-Mole game has begun, here’s another:

All of you who have a Google account, please flag apps like this as inappropriate! I have been using this text:

X Third-Party Market

This app is claiming to be part of the third-party market, F-Droid. I work for F-Droid, Ltd. We have not placed our market app on Google Play and do not want anyone putting fake apps up that claim to be F-Droid.

Also, email the address given. That worked last time. Here’s my standard text for that:

Please remove your app “New FDroid Download Reference” from Google Play immediately,
as well as any other app store or public location you have put it. And remove any other apps using the F-Droid name.

We do not want F-Droid up there, you are also claiming to be F-Droid when
you are clearly not affiliated with F-Droid, Ltd or the free software
community. And we certainly do not want advertisements included in
anything with the F-Droid name.

This is at least one of the offending apps:

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Already unavailable :smile:
Good job

yeah, but “Guide for F-Droid” is still up there.

if we “flag as inappropriate” and we do it under “other objections” we need to describe them. I’m not quite sure about how that guide is bad for us. google$tore users already say: "utter rubbish"
But the thing is: in less than two weeks the app doubled (or almost) its downloads…

hopefully the downloads are just because of this: