Will changing the app id in the source code break auto builds?

Hi, I have an app already on the F-Droid store with autobuilds enabled.
In the last few days, I have created a fork of that app (still on github), with a new app id. This new fork is not on F-Droid yet.

I’d like to merge the changes to the the original repository, so current users of the previous app will get the updates. But I’m afraid that if I just merge the source code, and use the new package and app names, this will break the F-Droid autobuild of the app.

The question is if the .yml file name used in F-Droid has to correspond to the app and package name in the source code.
For example , the current .yml file is “it.collideorscopeapps.codename_hippopotamos.yml”, while the code of the app might use “it.amazingrecordingstudios.hippo”.

Can you give me advice on standard practices to alert users to start using a different app on the store, with a new id?

Yes, it has to be the same.

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