Widget to "bind on 2/3/4G", plus app to focus on best reception?


i saw that lineageos is able to “prefer” some type of cell network technologies

as iphone/android do, it’s possible to choose LTE, then phone would take LTE if it can, and a technology below if it cant
now, lineage allows to restrict phone to either “prefered network” or “bind of network”, as for the explaination : if “gsm only” is selected, it will not connect on any other types of network.

a bit like gsm/umts, it will not connect on lte, even if it’s possible. It’s a long list in lineageos 20 proposing a such feature, i admit i do like it.

i have two questions about it :

  1. is it possible to have an app connecting automatically to the best reception network, bypassing the technology criteria?
    eg if gsm reception is better than umts, the app would connect to gsm even if it’s see umts network (to get a better battery autonomy) ; mainly iphone/andro doesnt do that, they aims their “prefered” regarding the technology (means if you see 3G, go on it, or 4G, go on it…) instead of the best service/quality of reception

  2. is it possible to have a lineage widget allowing to select “2/3/4G prefered” or 2G/3/4G only, directly from home screen, instead of having to browse the config menus (it takes 1 min, but 1 click on widget takes… 1sec :smiley: )?

i thank you vm!

ask for this feature to Privacy Cell | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository maybe

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