Why ungoogled chromium is not updating automatically?

I have added repository following official instruction, but when new version is out, f-droid don’t show new version, and not installs automatically (with privileged extension).
So, is there any way to enable auto updates for ungoogled chromium?!

F-Droid, by default, doesn’t notify of updates for unstable releases. The repository you added isn’t marking the new version as stable. I don’t know if that is intended or not, you will have to ask the ungoogled-chromium team.

In F-Droid settings, when enabling Expert mode, you can enable “Unstable updates” but it will affect all apps, not just Ungoogled Chromium, so that may not be what you want either.

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Thank you for the anwser!
But why ungoogled chromium cannot be added to f-droid?

Who knows, it may be possible to add it. The thing is…

Nobody tried to add it: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/-/issues?scope=all&state=all&search=ungoogled+chromium
And nobody ever asked for it: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/rfp/-/issues?scope=all&state=all&search=ungoogled+chromium

it may be possible to add it

I though the issue with Chromium on F-Droid is that it has an absurd amount of dependencies to compile and would be a laborious build script to craft.

My computer can compile Fenix in ~25 minutes each, yet Chromium takes well over 90.
F-Droid build server takes six hours to compile both Fennec F-Droid variants if I read the build logs correctly.

Even the Chromium source download itself is 60+ GB.

Related: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/rfp/-/issues/378

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