Why no Cwtch Messenger?

Hi, I wanted to ask why Cwtch isn’t on F-Droid? Its a privacy and anonymity focused app and I don’t believe it has any non free dependencies, although I’m happy to accept if I’m wrong on that. Thanks.

F-Droid is an app store, not an awesome app list. So if an app is not in F-Droid, it’s not because the app is not good enough but maybe just it’s not requested or packaged.


Well… It is a pretty awesome app list. It’s not just an awesome app list. :kissing_heart:

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As the Solution says, we are waiting on the app devs to give the ok, then again 1.9.0 is out and they did not bother pinging us :person_shrugging:

ref: #141 - (investigate) package for f-droid - cwtch-ui - Open Privacy Gitea

People seem a bit snippy here lol. Its pointless anyway, how many people do you actually know who use the app? Download it so you can securely talk to nobody, then uninstall a few days later


It’s within your power to have your contacts install it. Just like any other app.

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