When will the next stable release of K9 Mail be out?

I’m currently using the latest stable release of K9 Mail version 5.600. And I’m wondering if anyone has any idea when the next stable release for K9 Mail will be available? The reason I ask is because I’m planing getting a new phone that’s running Android version 10 and I read that K9 Mail doesn’t work a %100 properly on Android version 10. And yes I know there are alpha and beta versions available but there not stable.

The latest betas are pretty stable, I use them for quite a while already and they are getting better and better. Only email push/imap idle is not implemented anymore. But that wasn’t working all too reliably before anyway.

But not ETA for the next stable, I think there should be a replacement for push that can be released. Might be a few months.

So wait K9 Mail no longer works with IMAP? Because most email services require it such as Gmail.

OK I talked to a technician and they explained what a imap idle is. Because I was confused when you said that K9 Mail no longer supports imap idle. :sob: I thought you were talking about IMAP but after speaking to a technician and rereading your reply I see you mentioned push/imap idle. So I guessing that the newer versions of K9 Mail check your emails on minute/hourly bases. Am I correct? :question:

Yes, exactly. I think it defaults to checking every 30 minutes but can be condigured.

OK thanks that’s what I thought. :+1:

I have no problems with the 5.7 beta version of K9 on Android 10.

There is more info on GitHub regarding the progress:

Cketti, the main developer of K9, started to work a lot more on K9 in the past months as there seems to be new funding which is great!

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