When is last chance for update to be part of current build?

At what point does the build process select the most recent commit/tag for an app?

Does the commit/tag need to exist before the full build process starts (as in, before the first app build is started), or just before the specific app build is started (which can be many hours after the first app build)?

In other words, when one sees the build process has started (in f-droid monitor) is it too late to get a new commit/tag seen by the in process build (and therefore have to wait for the next build)?

There’s a checkupdate CI that finds new Tags (runs daily iirc), and sometimes there’s a checkupdate process running just before the build cycle starts.

If you Tag later there’s no issue… next cycle will get it

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The moment a build cycle starts, it grabs the latest version of fdroiddata as it is then. Updates released after that moment will not be part of that build.

So, to be part of a build cycle, you need to have checkupdates notice your update before the cycle starts. checkupdates runs daily, so if you create a tag at least 48 hours before the start of a build cycle you will definitely be in.

If you look at https://monitor.f-droid.org/builds/running you will see a part that says “fdroiddata version”

If you click that link you will be sent to the GitLab page for fdroiddata and can see what the state is of all the metadata files and thus what is the newest version known by the build cycle.


Just out of curiosity, how long does the build take to run, or does it run multiple times with the same fddroiddata commit?

At the time of writing, the fdroiddata points at a commit from Sep19

But when I look at my app’s build log, it’s from Sep20.

I’m wondering if the build runs multiple times or is just a great big massive build that takes ages?

A build cycle takes many hours (depending on how many, and which, app are new/have updates).

See https://f-droid.org/wiki/index.php?title=Special:RecentChanges&limit=250&hidebots=0&hideanons=1&hideliu=1&days=3 for the most recent build cycle (looks like it took a bit more the 24 hours).

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Thanks, that answers it. If I’m understanding correctly, the last build started on Sep 19 @ 1255, and ended Sep 20 @ 1332

The Wiki will go away at some point, the new site is https://monitor.f-droid.org

Yes, the last cycle was re-run, we’re looking into it.

I like to check both the wiki and the monitor owing to different information on the two.

Will build times as well as previous build cycle info (currently only shown on the wiki) be available on monitor when the wiki is decommissioned?

I’m used to the Wiki as well :slight_smile:

The monitor has the logs as expected, and there’s time information there, right?

The wiki shows the build times for each app. I do not see that on monitor. One could click through all the logs linked to by monitor, but I am lazy.

Also, monitor only shows the current (or most recent) build cycle (at least I have not found a way to display old build cycles with monitor - it might be there somewhere). The wiki can show more (notwithstanding a build cycle that hypothetically could have more than 500 entries).

Of course, it is okay if monitor never shows these things. Just a preference of mine that I can easily survive without.

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