What's the diffrence between "K-9 Mail" and "Librem Mail"?

Librem Mail is a fork of K-9 Mail with the same permissions but claims to be more privacy friendly. Is it that or not and what’s the other diffrencies between the apps?

I have not seen it better than K-9, and imho, Librem is just saying it is Privacy Friendly, but it seriously does not seem to be such.

Do detail why do you said this…

Only those are privacy improvements against k9:

Changed privacy defaults to hide user agent, time zone, and host name when connecting

But i wonder why they include (in the same release!) that then:

Changed user agent string to 'Librem Mail for Android

From https://source.puri.sm/liberty/mail/android/blob/master/CHANGES.md

On their official site they don’t list any improvements against k9: https://source.puri.sm/liberty/mail/android

According to Edward Snowden, the Librem-phones and Librem-computers from Purism are the most privacy-friendly hardware in the world, so why would their Librem-software/-apps not be? I supose there most be something making them more privacy-friendly then K-9 Mail. I just wanted a specification of what from a person capable of reading and understanding code. Because they are open-source.

There is a lot of money to be made by pretending to sell privacy.

Not that I have anything against Purism or Librem. I actually like them quite a bit. Just that in this case it appears to be all about marketing.

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Agreed. I really agree to that.

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