What output does f-droid server provide



I would like to now what type of output f-droid server provides.
I’ve read somewhere that they also send json but I can’t find it anymore.
Also I would like to know if it is possible to format the output, add your own fields etc.
Is this possible and if so, where can I change this?

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Been here already: https://f-droid.org/docs/ ?


Yes, I’ve been there, but it wasn’t very clear to me where to find the information I needed.
But I’ve found it eventually.


And it’s a secret? ?


Off course :wink:

No, I found it by debugging the client app which receives the data in json format.
Also this post might be the one I needed, but I’m still not sure if the metadata files determine what I receive:


I’m still not sure if the metadata files determine what I receive

No and yes.

Metadata determines how apps are build, nothing more.


Can you tell me how I can make sure the server will send the data in json format?


The index-v1.jar file is a signed JAR file containing only index-v1.json. That’s the JSON index. E.g. https://f-droid.org/repo/index-v1.jar